Mafiqul Islam


Mafiqul Islam

My name is Mafiqul Islam. I am 40 years old and I live with my wife and two children in Rajhshahi. I am the only earning member in my family and I work as an Officer in the Grameen Bank.

A very unfortunate event occurred to me on July 26, 2020. I was returning home after finishing office on my motorbike in the evening. It was raining a little and there were no street light, suddenly an auto rickshaw appeared and I tried but could not control my bike. I slipped and became unconscious on the spot. The people nearby immediately took me to the Rajshahi Medical College Hospital. My first amputation was a partial foot amputation. After that, it turned into gangrene. I went to Dhaka for better treatment and the doctors there decided to do a Trans-tibial amputation on 15th august, 2020. 

Before coming to CRP, I was using axillary crutches for mobility. I could not go to office and lost my earning. A very helpless life began. I became so frustrated that it seemed I will never be able to lead a normal life again.

After coming to CRP-Rajshahi on 2nd January, 2021, I have received physiotherapy for regaining my muscle power and my artificial limb from Prosthetics and Orthotics Department. I can move independently with my prosthetic leg now which is easy and comfortable for me. I have resumed my previous job and started supporting my family again.