On 7th December 2015 a long awaited moment for nameplate and booklet opening of CIVIC Trial Project was held at CRP. CRP’s Founder and Coordinator Valerie Taylor; Executive Director Md. Shafiq-ul Islam; Head of Programs Md. Sohrab Hossain; Professor Dr. Lisa Harvey, University of Sydney and other staffs were present in the ceremony. Dr. Lisa Harvey, Valerie Taylor and Md. Shafiq-ul Islam together cut the inauguration ribbon.




CRP’s staff and the BHPI students organized a mesmerizing Pre-Christmas evening on 15th December at CRP Reddaway hall. The function started with CRP’s Founder, Valerie Taylors’ lighting the candle. CRP’s Executive Director, Md. Shafiq-ul Islam and Heads of all departments were also present in the function. The Pre-Christmas celebration consisted of various cultural and religious events. All patients, staff and children enjoyed the show very much.



11th December was the day when CRP first started its journey in 1979. This year CRP celebrated its birthday on 13th December as 11th December was our weekly holiday. The celebration started with welcoming our Founder, Valerie and Executive Director with flowers and they released a bunch of balloons. Then all the staff, patients, children of William and Marie Taylor School (WMTS) gathered in the Reddaway Hall of CRP where some special children of WMTS performed a dance.



Founder and Coordinator of CRP, Valerie Taylor received the Public Health Foundation Award 2015 for CRP’s contribution to the public health sector of Bangladesh. The award was given on 9th December, the closing day of the two-day scientific conference on health, organized by the Public Health Foundation of Bangladesh (PHFBD). Professor Abdul Malik, Founder and President of National Heart Foundation Hospital and Research Institute was present at the function as Chief Guest. Editor of the Daily



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CRP are looking for native English Language speaking volunteers

The Centre for the Rehabilitation of the Paralysed (CRP) has lots of graduation level students, school students, patient and staff who need to improve their English language skills. So we are looking for long term foreign native English language speaker volunteers who can help us with improving our English language skills. If you are dedicated to give volunteer service here, you are most welcome.

(Minimum time for the volunteer service is 6 months to 1 year)

Please feel free to contact:; or

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