Salma Begum

Injured by ‘Orna’ (long scarf) caught in the wheel of auto-rickshaw Salma Begum is a 26 year old woman who is a house wife from Narayangonj. She is married and has a daughter of 2 years of age. Her husband is living in Kuwait. In the middle of September, 2014 she was returning home from her sister’s house with her six other family members by auto-rickshaw. Salma was seated just behind the auto-rickshaw driver. In the middle of the journey her scarf caught in the wheel of the auto-rickshaw which... Read More

Mohammad Mintu Madbor

Mohammad Mintu Madbor is a 28 year old man who used to climb trees. He has got a wife and a daughter, who is 8 years old. There was no gas facility in his house in Tobar Bazar so he had to climb trees nearly every day and cut down branches to start a fire. In the end of May 2014 as he was climbing a tree to pick dates for cooking, suddenly he fell down from the tree. He was taken to Maridpur hospital as a paraplegic patient. There he received physio- and occupational therapy for one month. Afte... Read More

Profile of Md. Abdullah

Abdullah, a 16 year old boy, who worked in the street of Dhaka City for the quest of earning. At his early age he left home for extra income and had no contact with his parents. He was passing his strenuous life in Dhaka City as usual with other street children. He got primary education before but did not continue for lack of family support. Once he was working in the Komlapur Railway Station carrying passenger’s loads.When he stood with other children beside a large water drum, a train ticket ... Read More


Md. Saju, a 24 year old young man, lived in Mukkhopur at Trishal Thana under the Mymensingh District with his Father Mr.Tahajjul Islam, who earned their livelihood by farming. Saju could not receive higher education so he involved in farming with his father. Once he was climbing a big mango tree in his village to collect some mangoes for his family, ... Read More

Raju Ahmed

Raju Ahmed is a 16 years old young man from Rajshahi, a northern district of Bangladesh. He earns his livelihood as a mason. He has a poor family of five members. He was born with cleft-lip and didn’t have family solvency to have a surgery. He earns only 300 Taka every day and from this amount, he has to keep some money deposited for his family. He came to know about the “Free Cleft Lip and Palate surgery camp" at CRP-Savar, which is conducted by Dr. Edward Zebovitz and his team of Specialist Su... Read More