Josimuddin, hoping to start a self-sufficient life


Josimuddin, hoping to start a self-sufficient life

Josimuddin a twenty year old young man from Cox's Bazar has already faced a lifetime of hardships.  He lost his father when he was only five and his older brothers did not assume any financial responsibility for the family.  Josimuddin began to take on small jobs when he was only six to help support his family.  He loved school but decided to drop out and at thirteen he began to work as a sanitary pipe fitter to provide full support for his family. 

As time passed, he became very good at this work and with much effort and dedication was able to earn a good income for himself and his family. His younger brother and sister were able to attend school and he was even able to renovate the old family home.  Life was good.

But one day in early March of this year while returning from work on an auto rickshaw a speeding car collided with his rickshaw.  He was thrown off of the rickshaw and became paralyzed as a result of his spinal injuries.  He was taken to a private clinic in Cox’s Bazar and then to Chittagong Medical College & Hospital where an MRI and other tests were performed.  He returned to his home, without receiving any treatment for his injuries, where he remained in his paralyzed condition for one week.  But then due to a serious respiratory problem he had himself admitted to another private clinic.  During his stay there, he developed serious pressure sores as a result of long periods of lying immobilized on his back.

Without any more money for medical care, he was forced to sell a piece of land and went to Ibne Sine Hospital for treatment of his serious pressure sores.  After some surgery he returned home again to recover.  He visited a doctor in Cox’s Bazar who, after reviewing his medical reports and present condition, referred Josimuddind to CRP.  Upon his arrival at CRP as a tetraplegic, he could only slightly move a few fingers and could not sit up at all.  After five months of treatment and rehabilitation resulting in much improved muscle tone in his arms, he is now able to sit and move independently in his wheelchair.  Josim is planning to set up a shop near his home to continue to provide support for his family.  He dreams of a better future for his younger siblings with educational opportunities that he was unable to pursue. With some additional support from some generous donors, this ambitious and motivated young man will once again have the opportunity to become an independent self-employed member of his community.