Saiful Islam (SCI Patient) - fall from height


Saiful Islam (SCI Patient) - fall from height

Saiful Islam, a 38 years old young man, lives in Narail. He has a family consisting of three daughters and his wife. He married of his elder daughter. He used to work in others field to maintain his family.  Once he climbed up a tree to cut its brunches. Suddenly he slipped and fell from the tree. He was unconscious when everyone took him to the local govt. hospital where he stayed for 3 days. He could not feel his lower body parts. He did MRI from Jessore and finally came to CRP on May 29, 2016 with the referral of Narail General Hospital.  CRP’s multidisciplinary team including doctors and therapists observed him and found him paraplegic due to severe spinal cord injury. Doctors operated his broken spinal column for making his condition stable and shifted him to the ward. There he started to have physiotherapy and occupational therapy regularly. The counselors keep counseling him so that he remains mentally stable and have confidence in him. He was able to sit on wheelchair after one month of his operation but he could not participate in rehabilitation training for his weakness. According to his therapists, though he developed his upper limb strength but could not control his lower body parts. During his stay at CRP for four and a half months he has been educated to lead a well-organized life. He will not be able to move without his wheelchair for the rest of his life.

As the only earning member of the family he needs to think about an alternative way of earning livelihood sitting on wheelchair. He is planning to enroll in electronics repairing training at CRP’s vocational training institute. He will start a grocery shop along with an electronics repairing centre in his village. He is grateful to CRP as he has become confident enough to fight back all obstacles in his life.

For his financial problem he could pay a little for his treatment at CRP. So, CRP’s Social Welfare department helped him in this regard. Now he needs support from generous donors of CRP for reintegrating in his society. With the little support of yours he will be able to lead an independent life.