Executive Director

"Do not wait for the dark clouds to pass, go out and dance in the  rain"


CRP was established to rehabilitate people with disabilities, and compassionate care is what makes it unique in nature. Every individual who walks through our doors is not just a patient, but a person deserving respect and the best possible care. The noble lady, Dr. Valerie Taylor, walked through many challenges to establish such care. Hence, today, CRP staff enlightened themselves by following the footprint of the CRP founder. Our staff members are aware that while working at CRP, “I am CRP." Patients are my first priority, and I should be very caring toward them. I am here to support you every step of the way, to help you regain strength and independence. Through our historic approach, we aim to not only rehabilitate but also empower those we serve, enabling them to thrive in all aspects of life. CRP’s comprehensive programs strive to provide the highest quality care, support, and resources to each person who needs this care. Together, we are breaking barriers, restoring hope, and transforming life to make the world more livable for them. By working hand in hand, we can create a brighter future filled with possibilities and opportunities for persons with disabilities. Our heartfelt thanks to all our amazing patients, their families, and supporters for allowing us to be a part of your story and for being a part of our community. Your strength and courage inspire us every day. Remember, no matter the challenges you face, there is always hope and possibility.

 Prof. Dr. Mohammad Sohrab Hossain
Executive Director, CRP