Centre for the Rehabilitation of the Paralysed, commonly known as CRP, was founded in 1979 by a small group of Bangladeshis and a British physiotherapist, Valerie Taylor. Miss Taylor came to the Bangladesh (then known as East Pakistan) in 1969 as a volunteer physiotherapist, and was appalled at the lack of facilities for the disabled and the often-poor diagnosis by local doctors. The situation for the disabled was worsened in the aftermath of the 1971 Independence War, after which Bangladesh won its independence from Pakistan.After many years of disappointments and setbacks, CRP was opened in 1979. The premises were two cement storerooms in the grounds of a Dhaka hospital. The capacity soon grew from 4 patients to about 50. CRP moved premises twice more before 1990 when land was purchased in Savar and CRP's current headquarters were developed.From the original green-field site an extensive range of facilities has been developed to include world class treatment for spinal injuries, ground-breaking therapy services, an academic institute which is pioneering the teaching of new professions, workshops, an inclusive school and recreational facilities.
In addition to developing the impressive facilities in Savar CRP has developed three further sub-centres, each with a different focus, in other areas of Bangladesh.