CRP has had tremendous assistance from volunteers since its inception and the number of opportunities to contribute to the organisation increase daily. Although formally a rehabilitation center focusing on spinal cord injuries, CRP has expanded substantially and serves musculoskeletal, neurological and paediatric patients, as well as the 100 bed spinal cord injury unit itself. In addition, on site exists the Bangladesh Health Professions Institute (BHPI), offering bachelor degrees in physiotherapy, occupational therapy and speech and language therapy, as well as the special needs school and community reintegration and vocational services.


here are two types of volunteer opportunities available at CRP. These can be broadly characterized as professional or general volunteers. A timetable will be worked out with each volunteer on an individual basis, following their induction.
PROFESSIONAL VOLUNTEERS : - Opportunities may involve the following specialised areas: 
PHYSIOTHERAPY : Outpatient musculoskeletal and neurology services, in and outpatient paediatrics, inpatient spinal cord injury rehabilitation, wheelchair skills/sports specialists, community services, inclusive school involvement, and more. For more info on physiotherapy click here
OCCUPATIONAL THERAPY : Outpatient neurology, spinal cord injury rehabilitation, hand therapy, wheelchair skills, community services, paediatric services, vocational retraining and community reintegration, inclusive school involvement, and more. For more info on occupational therapy click here. 
SPEECH AND LANGUAGE THERAPY : Outpatient services (predominately neurological and congenital impairments) and paediatrics, inclusive school involvement, and more. For more info on speech and language therapy click here.
TEACHING : Lecturing, tutorials and supervision of undergraduate university courses in physiotherapy, occupational therapy, speech and language therapy at the Bangladesh Health Professionals Institute (BHPI). There is also the opportunity to teach or provide teaching assistance at the inclusive school. Both BHPI and the inclusive school are located on the same campus as CRP. For more info on the BHPI click here.
Professional volunteers make a valuable contribution to CRP’s work. Professional volunteers will be provided with as much information as possible prior to their arrival to allow for adequate preparation. Physiotherapists, occupational therapists and speech and language therapists are highly sought after on the teaching side in CRP's academic institute, the Bangladesh Health Professions Institute (BHPI). This role involves lecturing, teaching practical classes and supervising students on clinical placements. Courses are taught in accordance with the academic calendar. However, this is subject to change throughout the year depending on staff and volunteer availability, exam and admission dates stipulated by the University of Dhaka’s Faculty of Medicine.
After your initial application  has been accepted (refer to information below on volunteer applications) you will be provided with details about your specific teaching subjects and/or student placements. Ideally, volunteer teachers stay for a minimum of one semester. The academic calendar can vary so it is advised that you contact CRP regarding the most suitable time to arrive.
Please note that these are just some of the professional volunteer opportunities available. Whether you work in information technology, website design, human resources, administration, multi-media or whether you are a physician, nurse or a solicitor, there are innumerable opportunities available to make a valuable contribution at CRP.
GENERAL VOLUNTEERS : Opportunities to volunteer in this category include, but are not limited to, assisting with the inclusive school, sporting activities for patients, leading conversational English classes, editing documents (e.g., annual reports, theses), assisting at CRP functions and charity events, or perhaps using your musical talents and entertaining the patients…the opportunities to contribute are endless, the only limit is your imagination.