Pori hopes to restart her family life


Pori hopes to restart her family life

Pori is a 29 years old woman from Kaliakoir. Her husband is a truck driver and they have a happy family with three children. Last year she went to visit her parents at their home. One day while there, she climbed a tree in order to pick some guavas for her children. Suddenly she fell out of the tree. As a result of this accident, her neck was broken and she could feel nothing below her neck.

She was immediately taken to the Kaliakoir Hospital. Then to Mirzapur Hospital and finally she was referred to the National Institute of Neurosciences and Hospital where she had her operation on her neck. Pori stayed there for one month and was then referred to CRP for rehabilitation.

She was admitted to CRP in November, 2016 after CRP’s multidisciplinary team had diagnosed her with severe cervical injury. She also had a pressure sore on the back. So the doctors operated on her pressure sore and suggested that she received her therapy in bed. By the third month following her operation, she could sit in a wheelchair.

Although she was a Tetraplegic patient, she regained some muscle power in her arms and is now able to do limited tasks with them, according to her therapists. Her sitting balance on the wheelchair is poor and she is fully dependent on her carer.

Pori is very worried about her family as she is not able to take care of the children and do the household chores alone. Her family faced many difficulties in her absence, and was not able pay her medical expenses. Considering her situation, CRP, with the help of its generous donors, provided support so that she was able to complete her rehabilitation process.