Shamsuddin - Expecting to support his family


Shamsuddin - Expecting to support his family

Shamsuddin is 18 years old young man who lives in Noakhali. His father is a farmer and works in others fields to support his family of six members. He is the youngest son of his parents. He used to be a student but dropped out of school after class-3. He joined his father in farming as his father’s income was not sufficient for the family. One day in early June 2016 he climbed up a coconut tree to pick some coconuts but suddenly slipped and fell from the tree. His lower body parts became numb. Soon after that everyone took him to the nearest Govt. hospital where he received primary treatment. Then he went to Savlon Hospital, Chittagong and stayed there for one week. By observing his x-rays and MRI reports the doctor suggested him to move to Dhaka for operating his broken spinal column. So, he got himself admitted to Elite Clinic Dhaka. His father had to sell their land and livestock for arranging the expenses of his treatment there. Finally they referred him to CRP for rehabilitation. CRP’s multidisciplinary team including therapists and doctors assessed him and admitted him as a complete paraplegic patient with a pressure sore on his back. After a week of bed rest and dressing of the sore, doctors and therapists make him sit on a wheelchair and started his rehabilitation process.

Shamsuddin received physiotherapy and occupational therapy for regaining his muscle power and functional ability. CRP’s counselors continuously counseled him be mentally stable. He is very happy and grateful to CRP for he can do all his works by himself. There was no Caregiver with him at CRP. So, he learnt all his exercises himself and assured that he will be able to continue them returning home.

Now he is planning to receive “Tailoring and Dress making training” from CRP’s vocational training institute. After completing the training he will set up a tailoring shop in his village. The present economic condition of his family will not be able to help him in this regard. CRP can help him to set up his new tailoring shop to reintegrate him in his community with the help of generous donors. Your help can ensure an independent life for Shamsuddin.