Community Based Rehabilitation Unit

Community Based Rehabilitation

Community-based rehabilitation (CBR) was initiated by the WHO following the Declaration of Alma-Ata in 1978, in an effort to enhance the quality of life for people with disabilities and their families, meet their basic needs and ensure their inclusion and participation.       (WHO, 2015)

What is CBR?

CBR is a strategy that works for people with disabilities in their community. It supports the inclusion of people with disabilities in the life of their communities. It also helps to meet the unmet needs of people with disabilities within their communities. CRP started its CBR activities in 1996 to spread awareness about disability and the follow up of spinal cord injury patients in their community.

Now-a-days, CBR activities of CRP involves working closely with disabled people and their families to overcome physical and sociological barriers within their communities, through a holistic approach to the person and their environment in the areas of health, education, livelihood, social inclusion, skill development and empowerment.


Goals of CBR


  • Awareness creation and advocacy
  • Skills and vocational training
  • Self-employment
  • Mainstreaming


Activities of CBR


  • To promote mainstreaming of people with disabilities
  • To improve Health care, education and livelihood services of people with disabilities
  • To establish networks with schools, hospitals and other Govt., Non-Govt. organizations to create accessible environments and employment opportunities
  • Capacity Building of Disabled Peoples Organizations (DPOs)
  • To provide support for home & workplace modifications
  • Telemedicine Services
  • Mobile Clinic Services


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