Counseling Dept.

Counseling Services

Counseling is an interpersonal helping relationship which begins with the client exploring the way they think, how they feel and what they do, for the purpose of enhancing their life. It is professional guidance to the client or patient who has a functional inability to act or think in certain situations, so that whatever is psychologically blocking the person can be encountered and hopefully removed.

[counceling service] The role of Counseling Services at CRP is to reduce psychological problems and help the patient to adapt with the situation and develop new positive self image. The Counselor is working with spinal cord injury such way. Initially the counselor can listen and at appropriate times reflect by restating or rephrasing what the client had expressed. This serves two purposes. First it allows the client to feel he is being heard. And secondly, it allows for any misunderstandings to be identified and corrected.

When the counselor feels he understands the just of what the client is communicating, the counselor can proceed with questions. These questions can pertain to feelings, thoughts, beliefs, expectations, past experiences, preferences, or other details relating to the issue.

The clients express a goal they wish to achieve. The counselor and the clients want to explore the ultimate objective behind the goal. They explore other options in addressing the ultimate objective and the real issues behind the desired goal.

After further discussion the counselor may choose explain the benefits of holistic health, developing ones identity, and the concepts of self-responsibility. The counselor and the client jointly discuss how these concepts relate to the clients issues.

The counselor encourages the client to ultimately draw their own conclusions and choose the direction the want to take in resolving the issue.
The counselor challenges the client to formulate a behavioral goal to address the ultimate objective.
The counselor asks the client how confident they feel in successfully achieving the particular goal and the behavior.
The counselor contracts for family and caregiver counseling and verbal recognition.


Counseling Service Facilities at CRP:

Individual counseling, group counseling, marriage counseling, spiritual counseling, peer counseling, vocational counseling, psychosexual counseling, psycho- education. In summary, at CRP the ultimate goal of Counseling Services is to help patients understand themselves and their existence so they may live to fully experience what it is to be human.


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