Social Welfare Dept.

Social Welfare Department (SWD) is one of the integral parts of CRP’s comprehensive rehabilitation. It is committed to facilitate and ensure treatment, training and rehabilitation through financial and social support for both patients with SCI and other people with disabilities. This department provides both institutional & community based services.

Institutional Services

SWD is accountable for patients’ socio-economic assessment based on socio-economic status, educational background and the surrounding environment and it provides financial and social supports when patients are under rehabilitation services. The department offers subsidy for treatment, surgical interventions, mobility aids, and assistive devices for poor and marginalized patients. The department also incorporates capacity building training for the patients with SCI, which is important for community reintegration.

Community Services

The department conducts out-reach team visits for SCI patients in the community where the health professionals assess the current situation of patients and make recommendations for further interventions.

Special events

Together with other departments, the SWD observed various days during this reporting period such as Independence Day (25th March), Spinal Cord Injury Day (5th September), National and International Disability Day (3rd December), Victory Day (16th December), International Mother Language Day (21st February), CRP’s Open Day (8th March), CRP’s Annual Sponsored Walk (2nd February). During this reporting year, SWD provided subsidy amounting to 54,541,405 (BDT) to inpatients and 10,694,326 (BDT) to outpatients.