A. Bashed is optimistic about his future


A. Bashed is optimistic about his future

Abdul Bashed is a 22 year-old man who lives in Feni with his family. His elder brother lives in Saudi Arabia and with his financial support, the family does well. At the end of November 2016, Abdul Bashed was doing his higher secondary studies. He was very agile and enjoying his life to the fullest. One day, he was riding on a motorbike with his friend. Suddenly, an auto rickshaw coming from the opposite direction collided with them. Bashed could not remember anything after that.

After regaining consciousness, he found himself in Chittagong Medical College Hospital where the doctors diagnosed a severe spinal cord injury. He had an operation at a private hospital and went back home. However, he was unable to sit. After a few days, he went to Dhaka Ibne Sina Hospital and visited a doctor who finally referred him to CRP for rehabilitation.

Bashed came to CRP in mid-December, 2016, and as a result of the assessment and therapeutic services provided by the multidisciplinary team, he was able to sit in a wheelchair 15 days following admission. During his three months stay at CRP, he learned to carry out daily activities by himself and also became a potential wheelchair basketball player. He also participated in a Wheelchair Rugby training session organized by the World Wheelchair Rugby Federation (WWRF).

After completing his rehabilitation, his therapists said that he had regained his upper limb strength fully but would not be able to walk again. Bashed resumed his academic studies after returning home. Bashed said that, prior to CRP, he thought that he would never be able to do anything again as he has no feeling below his waist. CRP’s counselling completely changed his outlook. His parents were very happy to see his improvement and expressed their gratitude to CRP for the positive change.