Kamrunnahar Shampa works as a receptionist at CRP.


Kamrunnahar Shampa works as a receptionist at CRP.

Kamrunnahar Shampa is a lovely lady aged 27 years. She works as a receptionist at CRP and is also studying to obtain the BA Degree.

10 years ago her life was different. Shampa was a cheerful girl living with her family in Jashore. In 2007 she met a life-changing accident. A mud wall fell on her when she was visiting her uncle’s house nearby.  She faced many difficulties while looking for proper treatment of her spinal cord injury. Some said she will die soon do not waste any more money for her treatment, take her home. Surgical operation on her broken spinal column in a private hospital in Dhaka cost 8 lac taka. Finally the family came to know about CRP and then brought Shampa to CRP for her rehabilitation in 2008. She learnt to sit, stand and finally to move around in a wheelchair.

She sat for her Higher Secondary Examination (H.S.C) in 2009 but failed. In 2010 she came to CRP as a vocational trainee in computer office application. After returning home she started giving tuition to children and training poor women in the art of making various handicrafts in her village which was a great escape from her frustrations.

With CRP’s encouragement she again sat for the H.S.C exam and this time she achieved highest marks in 2015. She was called to CRP one more time to become a player in the newly introduced women’s wheelchair basketball team of CRP in 2016. Shampa performed very well in two international wheelchair basketball tournaments held in Nepal in 2017 and in Indonesia in 2018.

In the meantime, she faced the interview for the post of Receptionist at CRP and as a result became a staff member here. At the end of 2016 she got married to an ex-SCI patient of CRP who fully recovered from his injury. Recently, Shampa’s husband Abdullah joined as the Community Rehabilitation Trainer in the Community Based Rehabilitation Department at CRP. The couple is expecting a baby soon.