Story of Rakib Michael Biswas


Story of Rakib Michael Biswas

Eighteen years old, Rakib Michael Biswas came from a Korean safe home named “kkottongnae Bangladesh” of Gazipur district (a Korean safe home in Gazipur, Dhaka). In his early childhood, his parents got separated. His mother used to beg to run her family.

As a teenager, he was sent to Dhaka to work as a housemaid. Rakib was tortured in the house where he worked, unable to bear it he fled from the house. Since then, he had been living a nomadic life in Kamlapur railway station area.  After a few days, he was injured in a train accident and lost his right leg and two fingers of his left leg.        

The local pedestrians rescued him from the railway line in an unconscious state and sent him to the National Institute of Traumatology and Orthopedic Rehabilitation (NITOR) for treatment. After the treatment, the hospital authority could not identify his original identity. Then a Social Service Officer of that hospital sent him to “Kkottngnae Bangladesh” for his rehabilitation. Rakib came to CRP in 2013 to have his prosthetic leg and came to know about CRP's vocational training institute. When Rakib turned to 18 he was referred to CRP for training, employment and rehabilitation.

Rakib was admitted to the CRP Vocational Training Institute in the January-June 2020 session for the Dress Making and Tailoring course. After a long break due to Covid-19 his training activities resumed from January 5, 2021. Since his parents have no address, he needed a job at the end of the training. After completing vocational training, he got the opportunity to work as an operator at Executive Greentex Limited with the help of the Inclusive Job Centre of CRP.