Mike Lawrey


My name is Mike Lawrey. I am 27 and an occupational therapy student at the University of Liverpool, UK. When I was looking for a place for my elective placement I learnt about CRP as a result of searching the internet.

I came to CRP in the middle of September and worked in the occupational therapy department’s SCI inpatient unit. During my nine weeks stay here I assisted the therapists and gathered a lot of experience about how occupational therapy works in a low resource setting like Bangladesh.

In CRP I particularly enjoyed the inclusive environment. There is no discrimination in regards to a person’s disability. Instead of the language barrier, everyone is very friendly, helpful and tries their best to include you.

My stay has given me the opportunity to see how occupational therapy operates in a different culture. I enjoyed my time with the patients most. I will return to my country after having training in boxing from Thailand. I will definitely come again if I get the chance.