Dr. Dorine van Ravensberg


I am Dr. Dorine van Ravensberg, from the Netherlands. I am a retired scientific researcher. After my study and licence as a physical therapist I have studied Human Movement Science at the Free university of Amsterdam, the Netherlands. My PhD research was on consequences of stroke.

At CRP my main tasks consisted of helping the students of the newly designed Master of Rehabilitation Science to formulate adequate research questions and appropriate research methodology in the context of their end thesis. I also have given lessons and teaching assignments in that area. And I have promised that I will continue tutoring the students via e-mail now that I am back at my own home.

I liked CRP very much. All persons (both personnel and patients) are very friendly to me. I am especially impressed by all the work that is done to help the patients in regaining a good new life notwithstanding their disability. I have seen very good, modern and creative therapeutic programs, vocational training programs and departments where adequate technical aids (wheelchairs, orthoses and prostheses) are made. And I am also very impressed to see that there is not only an inclusive school, but that the whole of CRP is inclusive for their total personnel. I think that is truly unique and a great example not only for Bangladesh, but also for the whole world!!

I liked the way Bangladeshi people manage to cope with differences within their own population. The Master of Rehabilitation Science is an international Master study, and CRP has foreign volunteers, which means that there are also cultural differences at CRP itself.