Jan Varney & Roger Varney


"Jump in where there’s a need, using your personal and professional knowledge."

Jan and Roger Varney came to CRP for their 10th visit in February 2012. Mr. Roger Varney was a senior manager in local government specializing in adults with special needs and day centers for those with physical handicaps in Gloucestershire and Cornwall in the UK. He has now retired from these posts. Mrs. Jan Varney used to manage the community nursing service where her special interest was wound management; she then went to work in a District General hospital in Infection Prevention & Control as a practice Educator.

They are quite the team and have a long relationship with CRP going back to the 1995, since then they’ve come back every 18 months to help where ever there is a need. While at CRP Mrs. Varney advises and trains medical staff. Her classes have covered a wide variety of subjects including correct management for pressure sores, infection prevention & control, and recently team building among the department heads. Mr. Varney engages in a variety of helpful ventures. Since he is quite adept at photography and movie making, he’s contributed this skill in the fundraising and promotional efforts of CRP. For years his photos have been helping to create the CRP calendars. On his recent trip Mr. Varney is developing a relationship with Rahimafrooz and Dulas to source solar panels which could be used to reduce the rising cost of electricity at CRP.

Mr. and Mrs. Varney’s ideology is to help where you see a need. This has led to many fundraising projects. Over the years they have brought £ 5-6,000 worth of medical dressings for the wards. They’ve also taken up initiatives to source new medical dressings from the local market. From one visit they saw a need for more hand washing basins in the wards so they rose funding for the purchase and installation of 10 new hand washing basins. They also funded 4 new toilets for the use of staff in the hospital. Their latest project is to raise funds to provide 100 mattresses for the hospital to prevent and control pressure sores.

Mr Varney said that over the years we’ve seen CRP develop and succeed through the most difficult circumstances. We have a great admiration for Valerie Taylor in pursuing her vision of appropriate medical treatment of Cerebral Palsy children and Spinal Cord Injury Patients and improving the rehabilitation support of disabled persons in Bangladesh.