Errol Doobay


In the year 2004, Allan Doobay and his friend Jean Waller came as volunteers at CRP. Allan as a IT system analyst, decided to teach the kids about computing. So he decided to look what facilities CRP had and then he then made a list on how to start the IT room. Allan made a plan to come back to CRP in 2006 on his birthday. Unfortunately, Allan was dead and his father Mr. Errol Doobay knew nothing about CRP or Allan’s plan until he met Jean Waller. Jean Waller sat with Mr. Errol Doobay and explained that they two had worked together. So Allan’s dad decided then to come to Bangladesh to visit CRP to assess the situation. On arrival at CRP, Errol was shocked to find that CRP has 3 dialup modems for its whole establishment.

Errol then decided to have a look around to see if there was any paper work related to IT department of CRP. He found that Allan had made a list of tasks to be done. Errol then decided to make phone call around the list which was left by Allan. But nobody was answering since it was Friday and Friday is holiday in Bangladesh. After a while, he managed to talk to a representative from dhakacom. After speaking to dhakacom, they informed Errol that they knew CRP and they gave an estimate of just below £600. After some negotiation with dhakacom, Errol got them convinced at £300. Then they provided the installation. Dhakacom came and promised and installed the fiber and Errol travelled from London to meet Mr. Deepu from dhakacom to start the first installation of PCs and the IT equipments that he bought from London. The first priority was the computer school which he have supplied some PCs and one 24 Netgear switch. By this time he enlisted the help of his life time college friend Mr. Team Mc.Combie at Twickemhen London. This was a valuable audio visible link between the IT room at CRP and the IT room. The system then setup in such a way that anytime they at Twickemhen could look the CRP system and carry out any repair and update what they needed. In the year of 2011 Errol and Ceasar talked with dhakacom to expand the fiber network to all important departments. We hope this expansion will make life easy for the important people at CRP and also supply wireless connection for all volunteers. CRP is very lucky to have a good IT officer Ceasar and he has an excellent relationship with Team to whom he has spoken several times, Garry Doobay who is a specialist of Antivirus and also Dipu from dhakacom. Ceasar knows that these guys are only a phone call away and can resolve problems what he can’t solve. The future of IT department looks very good because at November we (Errol and his team) are starting to build a new IT department and hopefully it will be able to provide well support to all sites for CRP’s information technology.

Things for 2012 are that to make sure the vocational studies function 100% by supplying from London several test equipment which will beyond CRP financial control. Computer Class we organized to accommodate more students.

Still he is working to develop CRP IT infrastucture.He provided printers at sevaral department.He brought some good quality Multimeter and tools for the Electronics Traning room.He developed wheelchair accesible garden .He is working to develop a Hydrotherapy pool for CRP and also making plan to decorate Computer LAB with new computers for the new place.