Ella Plates


I am Ella Plates, an Occupational Therapy Student. This is my first time visiting CRP. I came to complete my third year 10 week placement in Bangladesh from York St John University in England because I was keen to experience a new culture. My aim was to develop myself as a practitioner; to enhance my communication skills, my knowledge base and to increase my creativity an innovative thinking.

I first heard about CRP through a lecture given at my university, and from that moment I knew I wanted to come here and experience it for myself.

I am splitting my time between two areas; Pediatrics and Spinal Cord Injury as I have not had the opportunity to explore these areas of practice in my own country.

Despite the challenges you face due to the language barrier for example I had such a warm welcome on my arrival, I was looked after and supported by everyone I came across. As such I feel I have become a valued member of the team.

I am halfway through my time at CRP and already I have had so many amazing opportunities and experiences that I could never have got in England. I have been able to set up my own projects to help develop practice here as therapy and the style of working is very different to home. Additionally I have been part of the CRP open day, travelled to the longest beach in the world and helped local women build their homes to name a few.

I would recommend to anyone to come and have this incredible experience. It won’t be easy as there are many challenges to overcome, but it’s exceedingly worthwhile.