Sara Tallman


I am Sara Tallman from the USA. I came to CRP to complete my internship in occupational therapy. I am an undergraduate student of Pacific University, USA and I heard about CRP from my University as 3 students from Pacific University came here previously for their internship. I stayed at CRP for 3 months but my working place was the National Institute for Mental Health (NIMH). I worked with 2 other interns there. While working in NIMH, I watched patients, did research for department, group planning and also supervised junior students. Along with my services to NIMH I spent a lot of time with CRP’s patients which I enjoyed most. During my stay at CRP in Bangladesh I faced challenges like language barrier, the weather and mostly the safety as a foreigner. The contradictory thing is that I also found world’s kindest people here. I love the clothes and the spicy foods of Bangladesh. I have a request to the authority if CRP could arrange Bangla language lessons it would be great for the foreign volunteers to communicate with the Bangladeshi people. CRP’s accommodation facility is very good and CRP is a great host. My visit to CRP and Bangladesh was a really good experience and I want to come here again if I get any further chances.