Jahanara Begum


Jahanara Begum

Jahanara Begum, a 50 years old woman lives with her family in Mymensingh. Her only son who works as a rickshaw-puller in Gazipur supports the family of five. During the early days, Jahanara used to deliver water from shops to shops in the market nearby as his husband’s income was inadequate to run the family. She often felt back pain due to this hard work. They had a piece of land that Jahanara inherited from her father.  One day Jahanara was carrying some bricks and suddenly started feeling severe pain in her back and gradually she lost all sensation to her lower limbs. She was taken to Mymensingh Medical College Hospital (MMCH) but referred to Dhaka Medical College Hospital (DMCH). Her family took her back to home as they could not afford to take her to DMCH. One-day Brother Guillaume a social activist from Netherlands based in Mymensingh suggested her son to take his mother to CRP.

Jahanara was admitted to CRP in July when she was not even able to sit. After some investigations, she was diagnosed with Spinal Tuberculosis. The Neuro-surgeon and doctors of CRP operated her successfully. During her rehabilitation process, physiotherapists and occupational therapists helped her to regain strengths in her lower limbs. With time she started walking with supports and after staying for two months she became fully independent.

Now she can do all household chores excluding any heavy tasks as per doctor’s instruction. Now, she rears few chickens and ducklings at home. To overcome their financial crisis, she has requested CRP for a cow and cattle which will help the family to generate income and live in solvency.