Dominic Poggi


Dominic Poggi, a student of Occupational Therapy from York St. John University, UK, started his 2nd year clinical placement in the Hand Therapy Unit for 4 weeks and Spinal Cord Injury Unit for further 4 weeks under OT department from 3rd January till 10th of March. Along with the clinical placement he is also involved in different social events like playing sports including wheelchair basketball with SCI patients and table tennis. Dominic also brought some OT text books donated by York St. John University. He has expressed his experiences so far:   “I have found all the staff, patients and people involved with CRP to be extremely welcoming and friendly to me since the first minute and that feeling has not changed despite my continued appearance here. The learning experience, not just clinical but in life in general, has been enormous, despite some language barriers everyone is keen to engage with me. I have been fortunate for invitations to various different social and cultural events, such as barbecue, picnics and various cultural events.”