Jacob Turner


I am Jacob Turner, a second year Physiotherapy student of York St John University. I am 22 from Leeds, UK. I had attended and was very interested that I could do a placement at CRP, which I signed up for after Valerie had given a lecture at my University which was extremely impressive with all her description of working with spinal cord injury patients.  I came to CRP on 1st March, 2017 and worked in the Neurology and SCI unit during my ten weeks clinical placement here. Mainly I was here to learn from the local physiotherapists and gain experience, working with various patients. I was overwhelmed with the friendliness of all the staff, patients and carers alike. My experience as a student physiotherapist undertaking a ten week clinical placement is one I will never forget. The kindness, knowledge and support from everyone at CRP made this visit an unforgettable experience.